torsdag 5 april 2012

Crocheted hats

I never thought that I would crochet a hat. I associated crochet with doilies and lace and could not muster a real interest for the technique. But when I was crocheting granny squares last month I decided to make a hat. 

Initially I had to frog quite often due to my mistakes. But after a while I got the hang of it. I started with a simple beanie to learn how  to shape a hat.

 After that I decided to try crocheting with two colours in the stitch pattern. 

I chose colours and pattern to get a traditional feeling.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Snygg huvudbonad.Passar dej utmärkt.

  2. Oj oj du är en stjärna på allt du ger dig på!

    Är nu i Dikanäs - sol och snö i massor. Härligt tyst och skönt - mycket sticke ;-))
    ha en härlig påsk!//hälsningar Gun-Wivi

    här är en av mina fotobloggar (fotoutmaning) med några bilder härifrån

  3. Nice!

    (I am Swedish too, live in Stockholm too, but you wrote in English and I found the link on Ravelry (, so I stick to the more universal language.)

    I especially like the one with the patterns. The last of the pictures above, the one taken outside, is that closer to the true colors (triangles are red, not pinkish purple)?

    Hats are my main thing when it comes to crocheted stuff. I have never advertised, still people ask if they can order hats from me. :-) Being somewhat of a crocheted hat geek/specialist I am seriously impressed by your creations.

    (You'll find me on Ravelry as username 'jadler', will not link to my page or projects there on your blog, would not feel right.)

    Johan Adler