lördag 31 mars 2012

Meet my Granny Grey

In the middle of February I went through my yarn stash to get it sorted and to remind me of what is in it. I found more than a kilo of 2-ply wool that I bought about ten years ago when we had just moved into the house. 

Since then I have learned to spin and I have also learned  a lot about wool and yarn - and that has changed the way I look at yarn.This yarn just was not up to standard for investing time knitting mittens or hats - it is not strong enough. But it was  100% wool, and it was in grey, and I am very fond of grey colours. So, I decided to make granny squares. 

I do not consider myself a crocheter - I only have rudimentary skills. But I can manage a granny square. All in all I made 77 squares and used about 1150 grams of yarn. 

I added a red yarn for contrast and used it for a couple of squares and for joining the squares. 

It is a colour combo often found in old knitted items and one of which I am very fond. I finished off with washing it (I actually washed in the machine on cold, it was far to big to be hand washed) and pinned it out while drying. 

Finished measurements: 230 x 140 centimetres (about 92 x 56 inches). 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely Lars!!!! I have made a small afghan with granny square to my daughter when she was born. I already had one afghan that my father had had and then me and after that one of my daugheters. It is a great way to use yarn.

  2. Amazing work. I really love the way you put it all together!!