fredag 20 januari 2017

Striped and checkered mittens in twined knitting

These are twined knitted mittens using the simplest way of patterning: two colours making stripes, and making checkers by being reversed every second row. 
The main part of the mitten is striped. I used checkers on the cuff ...
and on the increases for the thumb. The increases are made on both side of the thumb gore every second row.
The cast-on is one that I have learned from Karin Kahnlund. I repeated the principle for the cast-on effect just before I started the increases for the thumb - to mark the end of the cuff.

The yarn used is spun at Wålstedts. The fleece used is from the breed Värmlandsfår - natural colours, except for the yellow that I dyed.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Supersuperfine! Både mønstret og fargene.

  2. Lovely mittens, looks so warm.

  3. I love these mittens! Your work has always been my inspiration for trying twined knitting and I can't wait to make my first pair.