lördag 28 maj 2016

Making project bags

Making project bags is a joint project since I am not "in sync" with our sewing machine. Last week when I spent some time in second-hand stores I bought some cloth that I thought could be used for project bags (I never seem to have enough project bags)
We don't have a "pattern" or specific instructions for these bags. We make them as simple as possible. This time I wanted bigger and "deeper" bags so that there would be enough room for a book or other instructions as well as the ongoing knitting. Beside buying the cloth I help by cutting and ironing, preparing for the different stages of sewing.
When the actual sewing takes place it is my husband who is in charge. I should learn how to do this .... French seams to make a strong bag.
Last stages. I think it took about an hour per bag. I am very pleased with the result.

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