söndag 7 februari 2016

Grey scarf in garter stitch

This is a garter stitch scarf knitted with old 2-ply wool in charcoal and light grey. All in all I used 350 grams of yarn and a substantial amount of knitting hours.
The right colour was hard to capture in the photos. Only the first picture is close to the charcoal colour. I like knitting these big garter scarves despite the many hours knitting that they require. This one is 30 cm (12 inches) wide and 210 cm (84 inches) long. Knitting needles 3,00 mm.
They are warm and perfect for cold Swedish winters. Some posts on other garter scarves can be found here:
Mr grey´s scarf
Garter stitch
One more Baktus
Baktus - Grey and green
Elongated Baktus in grey and blue
63 360 stitches

3 kommentarer:

  1. I like it!!! Elegant and restrained!

  2. The garter stitch scarf is very beautiful. The choice of colours and their placement are perfect. When I was little everyone in Canada had a garter stitch scarf that was knit by an older sister or cousin. They still tug at my heart. I admire your patience and perseverance. I think I would have been tempted to cast off much sooner. You are an inspiration.

  3. Så fint med stripet skjerf!