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Baby Jacket from 1950

Baby Jacket, pattern from 1950
I do like old knitting books and traditional knitting. That is no secret to those of you who have visited this blog. The pattern for this baby jacket can be found in the (Swedish) book "Vi syr Vi stickar Vi virkar" (translated that would be "We sew We knit We crochet") published in 1950 by Aktiv hushållning.
Vi syr Vi stickar Vi virkar published by Aktiv Hushållning 1950
The book is made for (my translation) "the members of Sweden´s many craft groups and all those who in schools, homes and associations work with sewing, knitting and crochet". It strives to provide patterns and instructions for projects that are useful in everyday life. You will find patterns for children´s clothing, aprons of different kinds, sweaters, socks, mittens, blankets, table cloths etc. I like it because it is, in many ways, so very hands on.
Baby jacket
The baby jacket that I have knitted could be called a Swedish classic. You can still find the pattern with minor alterations or variations in recent published books. I have also noticed that it is, in Sweden, often mentioned in association with discussions regarding short-rows. The design is very clever. The jacket is not knitted bottom-up or top-down, nor is it knitted in pieces. It is knitted side-ways in one piece and all the shaping is made with short-rows. The entire description of this jacket takes less that half a page. It is impressing!
Short-row shaping
I wouldn't recommend this pattern for an inexperienced knitter though. That is because you really have to have control of the number of rows and the short-row shaping. The condensed instructions offer no help regarding how to do that. If you are an experienced knitter you will understand this when reading the pattern through and prepare for that. Also note that the needle sizes and yarns are not applicable today, nor are gauge or size given.

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  1. Boken är underbar, jag har den också! Man bara önskar att symönstren var med också! Jag tror inte det funkar att skicka in 3 kr i frimärken till förlaget för att få dem nu (eller hur nu upplägget var!)

    1. Ha, ha ... man kanske skulle testa :-)
      Symönstren saknas hos mig också. Jag var bara så glad att jag fick tag på ett ex av boken. Många äldre stickböcker innehåller verkligen mönsterskatter.
      Gott Nytt År! /Lars

  2. Hello.
    I live in Japan. Fifteen years ago, the exhibition of Swedish knitting in Japan was held. At that time, I saw this type of cardigan. It was very nice. I wanted to knit, but knitting did not understand.
    Then I see this blog, I was very happy. I bought the same book. (I did not understand the Swedish language. But, I understand the knitting of the cardigan. ) Then, the change in my size, I knitted a cardigan in lopi wool. Thank you!