onsdag 4 mars 2015

"Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving" by Heather Torgenrud

This is a very interesting book by Heather Torgenrud that was published in 2014. It is written in English and it is all about Norwegian bands.
Part 1 "History and Tradition" tells the story of how the bands were used in the 18th and 19th century in Norway.
Part 2 "Vesterheim Collection" is about twenty bands and their patterns, colours and materials. The bands were brought to America by Norwegian immigrants.
Part 3 "How to weave Pick-Up" has instructions on how to weave pick-up on simple, traditional band heddles.
Heather Torgenrud is born and raised in Montana and has been weaving bands for more than forty years. In this book she presents comprehensive and detailed information about pick-up woven bands in Norway from the late 1600s to today. She also offers clear instructions and more than 100 charts for weaving bands with the beautiful patterns found on old bands in museum collections.

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  1. Takk at du nevner boka, hadde glemt at den skulle publiseres i desember.
    Ser bra ut!