fredag 12 september 2014

Giant Granny Square

I guess you have seen them - they are all over the internet. The giant granny squares! If you ever have made a simple granny square you have all the skills required.
Just continue adding row after row of mindless crocheting as long as you can stand it, or as long as you like what is happening to your project. I used it as a companion while watching TV or listening to music.
For this project I used skeins of Kauni yarn. All in all a total of 780 grams of various colour combinations and a crochet hook 3,00 mm. Using Kauni meant that I could leave the colour changes to the yarn. It was only in the beginning that I sometimes changed the yarn and chose another colour just to get some variation in the centre of the square.
The finished blanket is 165x165 centimetres (66x66 inches) a bit bigger than I had intended. It also has a lot more pink in it than planned. I actually got used to it while crocheting. The pink now feels more refreshing than scary (never thought I would say that). I have decided to keep the blanket.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I am visiting from Lone's (Flowermouse's) blog. I saw this post in her sidebar and just wanted to say it really caught my eye and is beautiful!

  2. LOL.....when I was a kid we crochet granny squares and made them into purses, vests, sweaters, blankets...etc. I guess that's why I haven't made them in such a long time :-))

  3. I'm making one of these right now, too!

  4. Sweet! There is never too much pink 😊