torsdag 14 augusti 2014

Summer knitting - Twined knitted mittens

This summer has been very warm in Sweden. So, no need for knitted mittens. But knitting is hard to abstain from - I have been knitting mittens.
I had some left-over yarn for twined-knitting that I wanted to use in a project instead of leaving it to no use. A grey, two reds, brown, blue and a little bit of green all from Wålstedts. The "design" I used was not complicated, mostly stripes.
I have knitted mittens in this way a couple of times before. This time I decided to start with a cuff to be able to use some of the colours that I only had a small amount left of. The stitch pattern in blue is often found on knitted sleeves in Dalarna (Dalecarlia).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så snygga vantar du har stickat, kylan kommer det vet vi nog. Men vad är det för fel på grått?

  2. Fine votter og fine bilder!