måndag 7 juli 2014

Inspiration from Dala-Floda

These wrist-warmers are inspired by a cuff-pattern on a sleeve from Dala-Floda. The original colour combination was in black and red (knitted in white and natural black, and then dyed in red after the knitting was done).
The yarn is from Wålstedts (grey and red dyed on grey) and I knitted them using dbpns 2,25 mm. I had to make minor changes to the pattern to get a match with the needed amount of stitches to get the right size.
I chose grey and red because that is for me a combination that feels old and traditional, and I think that suits this pattern almost as well as red and black.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I also love red and natural grey together. You are such a beautiful knitter :-)

  2. oj oj! voine voine så vackra! Nu du bär det av till nejderna i norr - fem veckor ska jag njuta där...jo jag har packat stickning och broderier, men även mina målarfärger eftersom jag återfått glädjen att måla.
    Ha en skön och härlig sommar!