fredag 7 mars 2014

Result for socks knitted in 4-ply knitting yarn from Rauma

It was in October last year that I wrote on my blog about a pair of socks knitted with the 4-ply knitting yarn from Rauma made of 100% wool from the Spelsau sheep. I have been using the socks on a daily basis since then. Indoors at home and at work, and outdoors in my winter shoes. I am rather amazed at the result. I did not think that the wool would last this long. This week the heel showed a small hole. The fabric was also a lot thinner at some places under the foot.
But, as I said, I have used them on a daily basis for more than four months. I think that the result is very good. There will be more socks knitted with this yarn now that I know that it is strong. I used thinner needles than was recommended. I wanted a denser fabric in my finished socks since I think that makes them a bit stronger.

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  1. Snubblade in på din blogg, och det är jag glad för. Så mycket fint du har gjort. Jag har läst alla inlägg nu! Väntar redan på nästa.