tisdag 11 februari 2014

Elongated Baktus in Grey and Blue

More Baktus-knitting. This, I think, is the last one this year. This time I wanted a Baktus with the same length as the other ones, but at the same time a smaller size. So, instead of making the increases and decreases every fourth row I made them every sixth row. This worked really well and I ended up with a shape that was what I wanted.
I used a total of 210 grams of 2-ply wool. Measurements are 236 x 31 centimetres
(94 x 12 inches).

1 kommentar:

  1. Ytterligare en vacker Baktus. Jag tror nästan du har drabbats av Baktusfeber. Blir de så fina som dina finns det risk att jag blir smittad.
    Och alla dina fina böcker som du presenterar, det rycker inte alls i vill ha tarmen!!
    (jorå jag är full av vill också ha)