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Books on Latvian Knitting and textile traditions - part 2

Diana Krause - Latvian Ornament
Diana Krause´s "Latvian Ornament" is a very small book published in 2009. It is about the ornaments used in the Latvian tradition. "In this book you willl become aquainted with the basic elements of Latvian designs, which can be found in folk dress, mittens, the famous Lielvārde woven belt, on homes and household items, and even in Latvian folk dances". This book provides interesting information if you are interested in the historic back-ground of Latvian design. Texts in Latvian and English.

Natalja Kotjurgina-Lāma - Viss par cimdiem
"Viss par cimdiem" by Natalja Kotjurgina-Lāma is not actually a book, it is more of a booklet with instructions on how to knit mittens.

Natalja Kotjurgina-Lāma - Viss par cimdiem
There are instructions dealing with various techniques in knitting mittens.
Natalja Kotjurgina-Lāma - Viss par cimdiem
There are also 24 charted patterns for mittens. Texts only in Latvian. Published 2007.

Latvju Raksti by A.Dzērvītis

A. Dzērvītis "Latvju Raksti"/"Latvian Design" is a fantastic book about Latvian design. Published in association with the Latvian Federation in Canada in 1973. "For art is an important component of all cultures. The product of thousands of generations of development and tradition, it reflects a nation´s sense of aestethics, creative ability and approach to life. Religious beliefs and traditions often played a significant role in the development of folk art among primitive cultures. In Latvia, in particular, the strength of these traditions was a major factor in preserving the essential characteristics of folk design over many centuries to the present day. (...) The purpose of this book, then, is to identify, explain and illustrate the basic elements and symbols used in Latvian design, and their meaning, use and composition"
Latvju Raksti by A.Dzērvītis
The main chapters are:
- Primitive Symbols in Latvian Textile Design

- Distinctive Traits of Latvian Design
- Composition of Latvian Design
- Colour Schemes in Latvian Design
- Traditional Latvian Design in Contemporary Design

Latvju Raksti by A.Dzērvītis
Texts are in Latvian and English. Lots of illustrations. This is a very educational read. It deals with Latvian design in general, not only knitting traditions.

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  1. Inses lätt att jag inte botaniserat färdigt i era bokhyllor;-) Inte på långa vägar....

  2. Thank You for these pics and information. I love Latvian mittens and patterns, they are quite similar with my own, estonian:)
    In Latvia is absolutely impossible to buy books of patterns, they are very popular, so I had no idea about so big number of latvian mittens etc.