fredag 20 september 2013

Lord Grey - More crochet and more wrist-warmers

These are crocheted wrist-warmers in wool. I now have to admit that crochet can be fun and extremely inspiring. I find the fabric very nice and dense. With this technique I will be able to make crocheted items that are both nice looking and warm.

For this pair of cuffs I used a stitch pattern from a Russian sweater. I did not use it in its original shape since that was far to wide to be suited for cuffs. I charted it and then I split it in two. After that I turned it 90 degrees and repeated it until I got a match for the required amount of stitches for the cuffs.

The yarn used is 2-ply wool (the red is my own dyeing) and a crochet hook Boye 2.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful design, I like it very much. Crochet is what I learned first before knitting :-)

  2. Verkligen jättesnyggt. Det var ett tag sedan jag var inne på din blogg. Bläddrar nu bakåt för att se allt fint du sysslar med. Virkning på detta sätt är verkligen fint. Själv har jag för många saker på gång för att starta med virkning också, men det är verkligen frestande efter att ha sett dessa kuddar.