lördag 19 januari 2013

Komi Cap - Knitting Patterns from the Komi tradition

The geometric patterns of the Komi people have long fascinated me. Charlene Schurch has written a book with patterns for mittens based on patterns from the Komi tradition called "Mostly Mittens - Traditional Knitting Patterns from Russia´s Komi People"

The book is full of fantastic patterns, often in quite daring colour combinations. I think that it is a good book worth having because of the patterns and for inspiration. As the title says, most of the items in the book are mittens. I have some doubt as to the chosen construction of the thumb, since it is placed at the side of the hand and will inevitably effect the fit of the mitten by turning it lopsided when used.

Charlene Schurch has in this pattern given an example of how to turn the mitten patterns into cap patterns. Since the book is full of mittens patterns you are free to start experimenting creating your own cap patterns.

I followed Charlene´s cap pattern with one exception, I omitted the ribbing at the start and used a twined knitting cast-on and an old pattern from a twined knitted sock that I saw in Dalarna for the beginning of the hat.

I think that this is a nice pattern, and I recommend taking the time it takes knitting. The original is knitted in green, yellow, orange and red. I wanted more subdued colours so I chose four natural colours instead.

The yarn I used is a two-ply wool from Filtmakeriet called 2-trådigt klassiskt ullgarn.

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