lördag 14 januari 2012

Handspun Red Merino, 3-ply, S-plied

After intense knitting during the Autumn I am now spinning again. This is a 3-ply red merino.  S plied, so it is not intended for twined knitting. I had read a lot about spinning merino (positive statements only) so I was curious about trying it out.

I had some problem in the beginning understanding the fiber. It is very fine and it felt as if I could spin it thinner than anything else that I have spun. But it also was a bit tricky, since it was a bit difficult to get an even flow.

I spun this from tops with many shades of red in them and I had from the beginning decided to make an S-plied yarn. It turned out that I spun this thinner than I intended, so to get a yarn that was not too thin I decided on a 3-ply.  This also meant that the distribution of colours got evened out, making the overall impression more harmonic.

I am quite happy with the result, and I will probably spin merino again in the future. The hardest thing will be to decide what to knit with it. It is very soft, so it will probably be knitted into a scarf or a hat.
All in all I ended up with 200 grams. I spun this on my Majacraft Little Gem, and rewound the yarn on my Louet S10 before I plied it on the Little Gem.

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