måndag 26 december 2011

In the nick of time

These mittens in Twined  Knitting for Jessica were finished just a couple of hours before they were to be gifted. I normally avoid knitting towards a deadline, but it sometimes happens (and Christmas Eve is kind of a special event).

They are (as usual) knitted with yarn spun at Wålstedts. The stitch pattern used is an old one from Ore, Dalecarlia. I saw it on a pair of knitted gloves at Dalarnas Museum in November. It was knitted in red on a white glove. For Jessica I chose pink on natural brown. 

5 kommentarer:

  1. These are again lovely mittens. It happens me often too just in The Christmas time. In last minute before be gifted I still knit...

  2. Thank you!
    Nice to hear that I am not alone ending up with this problem :-)
    Best wishes

  3. Mycket fina,troligen också i tvåändsstickning.

  4. Tackar för berömmet - Det stämmer att dessa också är tvåändsstickade. Jag ska korrigera i texten så att det framkommer.
    God fortsättning!

  5. Would love to try twined knitting one of these days.
    Glad you made the deadline.
    A wonderful gift!!!