lördag 27 augusti 2011


I wrote in July that Blue Faced Leicester became a favourite for spinning. It also turned out to be very nice to knit. I knew that I had to try it out in a project that uses s-plied yarn, so Twined Knitting was out of the question. There are a number of shawl patterns that I have had my eyes on, planning to knit when I get a craving for lace-knitting. The one that I chose this time was Haruni by Emily Ross (yes I know it is ages since it was released but I don´t do a lot of lace knitting so I don´t keep up ...).

I do recommend this pattern, it knitted up fairly quick and it wasn´t too difficult. I made two extra repeats of Chart A to get a somewhat bigger shawl - the finished result is 188 cm  x 95 cm (75 inches x 38 inches). I used all but 5 grams of my hand spun Blue faced Leicester.

There will be more spinning and more lace knitting with BFL in the future!

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  1. Ja visst är Haruni trevlig. Jag har stickat en vanlig och en modifierad.
    Om du är sugen på sjalar med ovanliga och tekniskt fiffiga uppläggningar tycker jag du ska kolla på Tricosa's sjalar. Tror dom skulle tilltala dig...

  2. I look forward to more posts. Your work is inspirational.

  3. @ Stickeri
    Tack för tipset, jag ska kolla upp det. Lycka till på nya jobbet.

    @ Me
    Thank you!